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Bear Woods Apartments – Canton, CT

Bear Woods Apartments rendering
300 Commerce Drive
Canton, CT
860-951-9411 x337

40 Cutting Edge Rental Apartments including 10 Apartments for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Construction is nearing completion at Bear Woods Apartments, a 40 unit apartment building in Canton, CT. Bear Woods is Connecticut’s first new affordable rental development with integrated supported apartments for people living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (“IDD”). The development is a joint venture between Regan Development and Favarh, the ARC of the Farmington Valley. It is also Connecticut’s first IDASH (Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder Housing Program) development, creating a new model for integrated, independent rental housing for people living with IDD.

Financed through the IDASH program, this first-of-its-kind development benefits from the joint efforts of the State of Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, the State’s Department of Housing and the State’s Department of Developmental Services. The specially designed building will allow greater independence for those with IDD, while creating savings for the State’s Medicaid program – allowing further services for others with IDD. In a time of budget tightening, this development will enhance the lives of those with IDD and allow the State to spread its resources to help more people in need.

This three-story elevator building will also contain on floor laundry rooms, a community room and patio for all residents, as well as enhanced common rooms for educational and vocational programs for residents with IDD. There will also be a dedicated office for building management and another for Favarh, who will coordinate services and supports for those with IDD.

Like its sister development Lavender Field Apartments in Bloomfield, the 10 special needs apartments will contain a number of features to foster independence for people with IDD, allowing lives in a less restrictive setting than might otherwise be possible. From automatic door openers and hard surface flooring for ease of access to specially designed kitchens and bathrooms with accessibility features, substantial thought has gone into the design of these apartments. These apartments will also contain cutting edge “smart home” technology, including enhanced communications and video, lighting control and climate control. Smart home technology will allow residents with IDD to live a more independent life in their community.

Regan Development is proud to be a leader in creating this accessible, affordable supported rental housing in an integrated setting. Financed with crucial funding from WNC & Company, an affordable housing industry leader, this new model will show stakeholders and the public in Connecticut how to create successful housing opportunities for its residents and the Canton community, while providing economically sensible solutions for everyone involved.