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Hartford Courant Highlights New Residents of Bear Woods Apartments

The Hartford Courant recently published an article highlighting the opening of Bear Woods Apartments in Canton, Connecticut. The article provides wonderful background on some of our new residents and their excitement in moving into this brand new development.

Here is a link to the article:

Bear Woods opened in January 2021 and provides 40 brand new apartments for people needing high quality housing at rents that are affordable. Ten of the apartments, highlighted in this Hartford Courant story, are specially designed accessible apartments with cutting edge smart home technology to allow greater independence for people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This development is the first of its kind in Connecticut, and will serve as a model for the future of integrated affordable housing for these populations. Regan Development thanks the State of Connecticut, through its Department of Housing, Department of Developmental Services and Connecticut Housing Finance Authority for their foresight, strong support and resources to make this groundbreaking housing possible. Through partnership with the State of Connecticut and Favarh, the ARC of the Farmington Valley, we are pleased to provide this new housing to many new residents.