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Inglis Gardens at Belmont Uses Smart Technology to Help People with Disabilities

Cutting Edge Technology to Promote Independence for People living at our building in Philadelphia. At Inglis Gardens at Belmont in Philadelphia, 25 residents are testing brand new smart home systems in their fully accessible, affordable apartments. Through a program with our partner Inglis, residents of these specialized apartments are getting voice controlled, smart technology to help them with everyday tasks. Right in their own apartments, each of these residents is getting an Amazon Echo-controlled system that includes Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, a Nest thermostat, a Ring doorbell, a Schlage Smart Lock System, a Wink Hub and smart switches and lighting. Each of these items helps control and in some cases voice control thermostat, lighting and security.

To read more about this innovative new program at Inglis Gardens at Belmont, here is an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.