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Meditation Sessions Run at Kershaw Commons

Acorda Therapeutics has provided wonderful support for our residents at Kershaw Commons. Those funds have had a huge impact on the well being and social welfare of our residents, including the incredibly popular Crystal Bowl Meditation Series.  Here are a few photos of the Meditation Series.  These events make a strong positive impact on our residents and we are so thankful for the support Acorda has provided.

Our resident Marisa Busacca noted, “Each session has been a very different and unique experience and has had a healing effect on a physical and spiritual level.  Each session a new instrument (in addition to the bowls) is introduced focusing on additional healing for our charka system.  Based on the class discussions after each meditation, everyone has experienced peace or healing on some level.  Michael is so talented and gifted.  He spends time after each session listening to our experiences and answering all of our questions.  It has been a pleasure attending these classes.   We have a strong group of attendees.  Everyone leaves completely relaxed and recharged.  Please thank our grant sponsors for the opportunity to have Michael and the bowls come to Kershaw Commons.  I have looked forward to each and every session.”

Our resident Eleanor Spargimino told us, “I wish you could feel the experience of a Crystal Bowl Meditation. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it.   It is the most relaxing form of meditation I have ever been through.  Mychal Mills from Konscious Youth Development Services is the facilitator, He also does this form of meditation for schools and has excellent results there, too. However, the relaxation for people with MS is fantastic.  I have had MS for over 40 years.  My muscles spasm and I sometimes am in incredible pain.  Each time I and others go through the Crystal Bowls, it is a different experience, depending on what our bodies need.  One time, my neck pain intensified during the session and then it slowly relaxed and I was without pain in that area for about a week. I can’t thank you enough, on behalf of all the people who live in Kershaw Commons and those of us with MS who visit to attend these programs, for allowing us to be able to feel this type of relaxation once a month.”