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Town of Newburgh Here for Its Seniors

Senior Horizons at Newburgh wants to thank the Town of Newburgh for the caring donation they made this week in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Knowing that we have a building with people over 55, the Town arranged to donate protective masks to everyone in the building. Our Deputy Town Supervisor Scott Manley personally brought over the masks, which were made possible through the generous donations of Danskammer, Car Headquarters and Phil Consorti. This is a true example of community coming together to help people in the community.

The residents and management of Senior Horizons are so thankful for the thoughtful donation of masks by the Town of Newburgh. In a time of great uncertainty and risk, we continue to work to keep our buildings clean and safe. We want especially to thank Garrett Terpstra, our superintendent and Kelsey Stone, our on-site property manager for all of the work they are doing to keep our residents safe, from additional cleaning protocols to simply being there for our residents.