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When the Stars Align: Article on Ojakian Commons

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Connecticut Chapter has been instrumental in the creation of Ojakian Commons, New England’s first accessible, affordable supportive housing opportunity for people living with disabilities and in need of specialized supportive services. The Connecticut Chapter has worked hand in hand with Regan Development in the development of both this groundbreaking building’s design and service coordination package that will be available to its residents. Teamwork between the MS Society, the State of Connecticut’s Housing Finance Agency and Department of Housing, and Regan Development have been crucial to the success of Ojakian Commons.

Please see the attached link to an MS Society’s Quarterly Newsletter:

The building’s construction completed in August 2015 and residents have begun to move in. The building provides specially designed accessibility features that enhance the ability of people with disabilities to live independently, in a warm and welcoming community. From automatic door openers and easy opening horizontal sliding windows to specially designed kitchens and bathrooms, many features help people achieve an easier and more independent lifestyle.

The partnership between the National Multiple Sclerosis and Regan Development will change people’s lives. Many residents are coming to Ojakian Commons from earlier housing situations that did not meet their needs — from second floor walk ups, non-accessible homes or other situations that curtailed their own independence. Eight of the apartments will provide beautiful new housing to people moving from nursing homes, allowing everyday, supported living in an independent apartment. The change of environment for so many Ojakian Commons residents will make a big, positive difference in their lives.