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Inglis Foundation Profile: Ken and Larry Regan Develop From the Heart

Inglis Foundation, a national leader in the provision of nursing care for people living with disabilities, recently profiled Ken and Larry Regan in “Image – The Inglis Newsletter”.

Founded nearly a century and a half ago, Inglis’ mission is to enable people with disabilities — and those who care for them — to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.    Since 1877, Inglis has made a commitment to helping people with disabilities. Inglis serves people living independently in the community, as well as those living in our residential long-term care community.

Click Here to View the Profile:  Image Newsletter Article on Larry and Ken Regan (Spring 2015)

In Philadelphia, Regan Development is pleased to partner with Inglis on the creation of Inglis Gardens at Belmont — Pennsylvania’s first affordable, accessible rental housing specially designed for people transitioning from nursing facilities.  The buildings are under construction now and when completed will provide 80 total apartments, of which 40 will serve residents transitioning from nursing facilities.