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Category: 'Senior Horizons at Newburgh'

Town of Newburgh Here for Its Seniors

Senior Horizons at Newburgh wants to thank the Town of Newburgh for the caring donation they made this week in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Knowing that we have a building with people over 55, the Town arranged to donate protective masks to everyone in the building. Our Deputy Town Supervisor Scott Manley personally […]

Senior Horizons at Newburgh

Peggy Bennett Turns 100!

Peggy Bennett, one of the first original tenants at Senior Horizons, has turned 100! Senior Horizon residents hosted a surprise party for her to celebrate this amazing milestone. Peggy is an inspiring figure, celebrated by friends and family, some who traveled far and wide to join us to commemorate her special day. Peggy has accomplished […]

Senior Horizons at Newburgh

A Tree for All Celebrations at Senior Horizons at Newburgh

The residents of Senior Horizons at Newburgh celebrate all year round. We have great spirit at Senior Horizons, and people don’t let the holiday season end! A group of our residents decorate their tree for many different holidays throughout the year. Here is an article in the local Senior Gazette publication, highlighting the amazing residents […]

Senior Horizons at Newburgh

Senior Gazette Profiles Peggy Bennett

Senior Horizons congratulates Peggy Bennett for the recent Senior Gazette profile of how Peggy gives back to her community. A true role model for people of all ages, Peggy brings happiness and cheer to everyone she meets. We are truly lucky to have Peggy as one of our longest-tenure residents at Senior Horizons!

Senior Horizons at Newburgh